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Discussion in 'Shop Problem' started by lvfr yrfr123, May 19, 2017.

  1. lvfr yrfr123

    lvfr yrfr123 New Member

    May 19, 2017
    comfortable. The advice you give to others apply it in your life Just as we are able to advise others on different aspects of their lives we must learn to apply ourselves the same teachings and begin to prioritizetips 725 SHARED 0 Are you a person that others go to for advice? Then, surely you know how to listen ver
    Rapid Lift FX
    y well to others, that you very much empathize with them. What's more, you're always there to give them a hand when they need it. Lee: Before I fall in love with you, I must fall in love with myself. But ... what's wrong with you? Is anyone there


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