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Supplements You Need For Explosive Growth

Discussion in 'Hall Of Shame (Scammer)' started by beiveliis, May 6, 2015.

  1. beiveliis

    beiveliis New Member

    May 6, 2015
    See the best physiques and when you not the best anymore guess what you retire you get out you know you start your own supplement might become broadcaster you do whatever you like you know you could pick you know straw I care and should be up on stage you know it artless than your best and if you want to compete with the open people I'm yeah it's cool every once in a while to watch the Masters mister Olympia we see some the older guys come up there but at the same time and I think even most people read me it's a little depressing demanding you see these guys not at their best anymore I'm so I'm sorry if Ripped Muscle X you think I'm in adjust a guesstimate a just in them IFBB pro ranks there should beano age categories all day clearly wants to see the best of the best in while you are learning new word today ageist that's going to do it for the first edition of the iron debate special thanks to our producer director John Style did a phenomenal job for us this evening and it to Chris the technician Aced tad the diet coach Inouye we're going to be back next week better than ever obsolete for Ricky reminding you that you’re going to miss 100 percent up the shots they don't take make sure to follow us on Face book Twitter and Integra all rights muscle dot com have a goodnight with the everyone baking the radio.


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