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The RepRapPro Paste Extruder

Discussion in 'News' started by reprap aggregation pipe, Sep 14, 2015.

  1. We have a new paste extruder to fit our Ormerod RepRap 3D printers. It is a stepper-motor driven syringe that feeds the paste down a tube to a nozzle mounted in the print-head of the machine. Almost all of the paste extruder can be printed in a RepRap – or any other – 3D printer.​


    FreecCAD model of the RepRapPro Paste Extruder​


    Here it is assembled with our standard Quick-set nozzle in one of our Quick-set cooling blocks; also shown are the syringe and tube assembly that clips in to recharge the device.


    If you are familiar with our Ormerod 2 RepRap you will see that the drive mechanism is just the same as the Z axis drive on Ormerod 2, but with an extra gear to drive a second threaded rod. This gives a symmetrical force on the syringe for feed and retraction.

    The tube down which the paste is fed and the nozzle are the same ones that we use for all our machines, and so the nozzle can sit in the cooling block alongside a plastic-printing nozzle for paste-and-plastic two-material prints. You could even put a standard heater block on it and heat the paste just before it is deposited. (Solder paste, anyone?)

    The syringe just clips into the device, and the nozzle is positioned and retained by a single clamping screw. This means that to put a new full syringe in all you need to do is to take off a bracket, slacken that screw and unclip the syringe. The syringe, the small brass tube fitting, the tube and the nozzle are all low-cost components so you will be able to keep a number of them ready to go in the machine, and be cleaning others while the machine is printing.

    The design is in the RepRapPro Github Repository here.

    We have both full kit and hardware kit versions of these parts available on our webshop. The kit comes with two of the syringe assemblies. All the build instructions are here.

    If you don’t want to print with any other material at the same time as the paste you can just plug the stepper in to your Duet in place of the ordinary extruder motor (having first turned off the power, of course…). If you want dual-head (plastic plus paste) then you will need a Duet Shield to give you an extra stepper driver.

    For more details on paste extrusion, syringe filling and the like, start at the page on ceramic extrusion on the RepRap Wiki and also see the blog of the noted reprapper Unfold and the blog of the equally noted Richrap.

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