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Thingiverse Superstars: Part 3

Discussion in 'News' started by reprap aggregation pipe, Nov 20, 2012.

  1. Here it is, the last installment of our Thingiverse Superstars series (Part 1, Part 2); but it’s just the beginning of Thingiverse inspiration using our new Dashboard and Follow features. A huge number of people have already gotten started with Dashboard, clicking Follow on their favorite designers and Watch on their favorite 3D Things, Tags, and Categories. We’re psyched to see these tools going to good use already!
    We thought the best way to introduce these features would be to show you some of our favorite Thingiverse users and their 3D Things. When you click through the tour, you’ll be able to get started right away following 12 Thingiverse Superstars. From there, we want you to find the other people who make the things you’re interested in. Give that designer a pat on the back by clicking Follow. It means a lot to a designer, and gives them the boost they need to keep on making awesome stuff.


    This Thingiverse designer gave us a very important member of the MakerBot family: our R. Maker mascot! As we prepared to launch the Dashboard and Follow features, he raced to upload the successor to this great design, the incredible MakerBot Replicator 2-inspired R.Maker – Mark II. His other contributions have ranged from a concept for a Filamometer (to measure how much filament you’re using), to a functioning lunch box. His designs are simple, creative, practical, and always masterfully executed.
    ErikJDurwoodII’s Greatest Hits
    R. Maker – Mark II
    R. Maker – Mark I
    MakerBot – the Lunchbox!


    Many users make Thingiverse a better place, and then there are those that use Thingiverse to make the world a better place. Just today we see TeamTeamUSA’s Miles Lightwood uploading a fetal stethoscope that “can be used to diagnose fetal health by a trained practitioner or, paired with the end cap microphone, by anyone with the Win Senga software!” Follow this user right now to keep track of some of the most artistic and thoughtful uploads on Thingiverse. Whether it’s a set of Mad Men-inspired mini-furniture or a MakerBot-made home for pet hermit crabs, TeamTeamUSA puts time and care into their super popular designs.
    TeamTeamUSA’s Greatest Hits
    Eames Folding Screen Wood (FSW) 6
    Project Shellter – Shell 01


    Greg McRoberts is a passionate Thingiverse participant. Take the first sentence of his user profile for proof: “I love this place!” Greg’s more than 40 designs range from fishing lures to models of V8 engines to a functioning 3-legged chair that asks the user to reassess the idea of injury and disability. We highly recommend following Greg and exploring his curiosities along with him!
    SirMakesALot’s Greatest Hits
    V8 model: Replicator edition
    3 legged chair
    Fishing lures


    If you visited the What It Is gallery in Chicago, where Tom is co-director, you’d see plenty of 3D-printed art. That’s because Tom, a genius artist in other media, believes in 3D printing as an art form. Follow him and check out his Two Heads are Better than One necklace, or his latest upload, a connector designed for PEZ stems that furthers his fascination with combining iconic art and the classic candy dispenser.
    tomburtonwood’s Greatest Hits
    PEZ Feet Connector (slippers)
    Two Heads are Better than One
    Adler and Sullivan, Column Capital


    Probably one of the most well-known designers in the entire 3D printing community, and he makes Thingiverse his home. Dizingof has uploaded over 150 designs that push the boundaries of the technology. His geometric explorations make for incredible vases, bowls, and freestanding art. You’ll see Dizingof’s models splashed across 3D printing websites and trade shows, and even on display at the MakerBot Store in New York City.
    Dizingof’s Greatest Hits
    Dragon Egg Vase
    Klein Bottle
    Twisty Vase

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